Beetroot to increase memory strength

Some new studies have shown that beetroot helps in increasing memory. The study also says that drinking beetro juice increases blood flow to the brain.

When we eat lots of beetroot, celery and green leafy vegetables, the good bacteria in our mouth make nitrite nitrate. Nitrate can further develop the blood vessels in the body and thereby increase the blood flow to the area where the oxygen depletion is present.

The study was conducted to find a connection between the use of beetroot juice rich in nitrate and increased blood flow to the head. People over 70 years of age have been studying for four days.

The first day of the study was recorded on health day after 10 o’clock earlier in the day and the nitrate was given at a low or high rate.

16 oz beet juice was given to them with breakfast. Specially prepared lunch, dinner, snack and dinner. After 1 hour the MRI has been recorded for each of the brain. Blood and blood tested to know the state of nitrate before and after the morning. On the third and fourth days repeat the same pattern.

After feeding more nutrients, the elderly proved to be blood flow to the brain. The research conducted by researchers at the Trans hospital Science Center in Forest University has found that the study of nitrite oxide is an online journal of nitrite oxide biology and chemistry. Redeveloped

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