Should we change the present system of education in our country

The education field of Kerala is an egyptian pandemic. The last few decades have been seen in the past few decades as those who dared to clean it were self-unhygienic experience.

The literacy rate in literacy ratio has reached 100% and what is the reason why Kerala has emerged as one of the leading universities in the country and has made great progress in the development indicators for the quality and student achievement of education? The book “Changing Education” edited by AK Abdul Hakim is trying to face this strange question.

The educational system in Kerala started centuries ago. The educational system existed unorganized at the time of the princely states. It was mainly traditionally based. The primitive model of education system in Kerala is a caste based family education system.

Traditionally, knowledge and abilities are transmitted as a religious weapon. In some instances they were inscribed in shorts and verses. In the fields of medicine, astronomy, astrology, agriculture, and so forth, many knowledge was collected.

Later they were used for studying in high places and churches. The basic limitation of this practice is that knowledge transfer is not helpful for knowledge growth. Furthermore, investigations were interrupted as the Guru was considered critical. Science and knowledge remained unchanged for many years, and the primitive tradition was untenable to lead the learner into its fundamental techniques. Catholic scholars in the sixteenth century changed the situation. They revolutionized the distribution of education. But in education they targeted the conversion with the help of the military and trading community.

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