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A village known as Pattenchu, 35 km from Hyderabad, is now one of the most sought after attractions. It is the world headquarters of the world’s agricultural research organization for the poorest of the world. International Crops Research Institute for the Semiarid Trapps / Orchid, a small company Outside of a wide range of padded shawls, the United Nations should not be surprised if its nitty vehicles, it’s going to be Eccracy.

After traveling on a dry tropical landscape, eyes, ears, and minds will be relieved when they reach the entrance of the Illissa. Fully greenish campus. Trees and barking courtyards are breathtaking views.

Little fairy who looks like a golf course in the vast canspas. The spots on the corners of the yard. The vast lake. The twins and coconuts who sink and fish in the lake. Small Forest that speeds up the birds and animals. It is marvelous that in the last 42 degrees Celsius, Ropes from the soil that were plowed on the sides.

The same area, but the black soil on one side and the red soil on the other side. This is the main reason why the patten cheese was found to be the research center of Ecclisset.

What’s the research going on here? The 64-crore billion people in 55 countries in Asia and Africa can be called the prognosis for predetermined pre-requisites. Here is a subject of research on farming and seeds in dry boom. The researcher at Erikssatti teaches the farmer how to dried up without a rainy, groundless ground.

It was created in 1972 by Rockefeller and Ford Foundations in the Americas. It was the first to build the consolation of various countries for this apparatus, which was designed to change the appetites of poor people. The idea that the idea is good is that countries that have supported the project have laid the foundation for the big movement.

India is the largest. India was informed that it would give a global research center and that was an attempt to clarify. That is how we got that luck. The villagers told him about the situation and changed it to them. Ecclisat is located on 3500 acres today. India, who knows the hunger’s call, is only buying a formal warrior. Research centers were established in the African countries such as Niger (Niamey), Kenya (Nairobi), Regional Centers, Bamako in Mali and Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. Ericsson was named after the global food security research partnership, CIGI. This consensus involving a number of countries in 40 countries, including World Bank and UN, By giving India their share of the country, when India gave free land allocation, it became the largest participant.

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