Man and machine are of the same importance

Echlicat has adopted a far-reaching farming experiment with man and machine. There are tractors, trillers, harvesters and seed machinery that are used in America and Europe.

Cyril C, who is a Malayalee and Thiruvalla native. Pillai Farm is an assistant program leader for Engineering and Transport Services. Sreekanth is an assistant from Kollam.

The two described the Encyclopedia’s mechanical farming method. Here we have the highest level of cultivation of human labor. Big trucks of American companies Ferguson and Month have been planted on the campus.

Everything is systematic. Maintenance of machines will be utilized for maximum maintenance. Professionally trained employees are operated. Many machines are very dishonest.

The cryptic machines operated by the help of the moons are now abroad. Its experiment also took place in Ecstasy. A non-driver tractor can be distorted using the remote control system. But the cost is even higher now.

The cost of the trial was Rs 30 lakh, “Srikkanth said. It will become more ambitious if we have more satellites in the future.

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