Chickens a possible cause of urinary tract infections

The findings suggest that over one million women in the UK are suffering from severe ureter infections. The number is increasing every year. After much research, scientists have discovered this. Not sure. The problem is chicken. The researchers suspect that this colorectal bacterium on individuals is a problem.

However, a study from McGill University in Canada found that there was a problem in poultry. The samples of genetic finger print of E Kohi bacteria, a problem faced by the urethic infection, were conducted in conjunction with samples received from chicken, pork and beef.

It was found to be similar to samples taken from chicken. Anime Magnus, a researcher, said that the infection has been identified by the birds

The protein will give life to man. The flesh will kill a man.

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Fat, fat, meat, and mineral salts are the components of human diet. The science is not capable of defining the science of meat or meat itself. There is a dispute between a man, a vegetarian or a cat and a dispute between the two. There’s a truth they do not know. That is, human beings can not survive for a knife, but for a hundred years to go for a vegetarian’s life, there is no threat to his life. There are two types of restaurants, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. People eat non-vegetarian food in non-vegetarian foods. It’s just that they eat a little bit of non-nogetrone with the vegetarian stuff. So, instead of destroying all tastes and smell of the flesh, instead of using the smell of spices and spices. Moreover, those who do not practice can not eat it.

A meaty (protein) larvae can be seen behind feeding humans by eating meat. Health care has been found to be healthy for help with growth. It was concentrated in the flesh. The living creatures have something to do with the creation, condition, and destruction. In Indian culture it is called Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara. Scythe, which is a woman’s sperm and spermatogen, is split and grown later. So there are hundreds of thousands of cells that are joined together and have organs and organs. Mankind weighs an average two and a half kilograms when the land is born. It will also see an eighth, 80 days growth. The work is not complete here. It is still eighteen eight years old. This is a long time of work. Cells will be born this time. This is the period when the childhood growth is completed. Cells in the cell are replaced by cells that are replaced by cells without cells. That is the time of youth. It may last a long time. That is the period of condition where the work is much greater than the creation. The last will be handed over to the demolition. And the time of destruction. Instead of destroying today, there are no new cells. Destruction will occur. That’s the old age.

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