The reasons for not eating chickpeas

Many new studies show that chickens are very intelligent beings. They can solve complex problems and keep self-control. It is said that chicken has more intelligence than many sunsets. Dr. Chris Evans, who studied the behavior and communication of life in the MacQuarie University of Australia, says that chicken has the ability to understand the cause and learn new things.

They also have the ability to tell new things to other chickens. So, scientists chick the chicks among the creatures of the culture.
The chickens are the most cruel and torture creatures on earth. Thousands of dollars are filled with narrow cages that can not even be turned away.
It contains large amounts of antibiotics, other medicines, sugars and feeders. These antibiotics and medicines also help to increase and increase chickens. These antibiotics will pass into the body of men who ate large amounts of antibiotics, which are the highest levels of antibiotics, and they can not stand or walk on their own feet because of unnatural growth and weakening.

This leads to increased drug resistant bacteria. These bacteria do not get the full effect of the drug when we take medicines for treatment.
Thousands of kilos of chickens and wings have been cut off every day, hundreds of millions of kilograms of the chickens are broken off, and bloodshed in the wound have been reduced every day. The lips of the poultry are cut off with a blade heated to avoid combustion. (Our own lips
Think of cutting-off)
Millions of poultry chickens fall victim to the brutal torture and disaster. There is no law in this world to prevent this.

It is common for those who live in a narrow, narrow, limited cage, and can suddenly be infected. These chickens are harmful as arsenic. This is the reason why humans have cancer and nerve problems. A recently released MENS HEALTH magazine has issued a list of ten unhygienic foods. In the first place is the Broser scam. Because of the large amount of deadly bacteria.
Usually the eggs are laying on the eggs and hiding the kids. But if the chickens are laid in chicken farms, it will be moved to the big incubarer. The chicken baby can not even see his mother or her mother or her children. If the sprouting is released, the first two weeks will be a stiff electric light. Unrecognized state of night and day Imagine the situation when our own children will be in this situation.

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