Urinary Symptoms in Breast Cancer

New studies have shown that breast cancer can be diagnosed with urinary tests. Scientists at the Freiburg University in Germany say that recognition of cell divisions in urine samples can detect breast cancer. The health care sector will be given much hope for breeding of breast cancer.

The university researchers found a new way to find centralized molecular control over the tissue evolution. These molecules are known as micronella RNA.

They are caused by blood in the urine. Scientists have achieved 91 percent success rate on whether or not they have a disorder in the urine microns. Only four micro RNA tests can be achieved.

The efficacy of this system has been confirmed by further testing. Scientists have shown that this new system can also be used to monitor the results of breast cancer and breast cancer.

Breastbuda is currently administered by a mammography and ultrasonic sound test, but the radiation and inverse effects of these systems have been criticized.

On the other hand, micronutrients in the urine test can detect breast cancer. This method is suitable for placebo-tests, and one of the researchers, Dr. Elmer Stickler said.

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