Indian medicine is the medicine of Alzheimer’s

In India, new drugs that give relief to all affected Alzheimer’s have been developed. Dr Mahavir Goelcha, a researcher at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, has found new drugs like lax and oranges.

Dr. Mahavir claimed that the drugs based on the symptoms were still used for Alzheimer’s and that the new drug, “Naminggin” has the potential to treat the cause of fundamental illness. It is believed that newer ones can help reduce the severity of the disease and help the patients better life.

Dr Mahavir was awarded the Young Investigator Scholarship of the year by the famous Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation in USA. The Japanese Society of Pharmacology Magazine, published in the international journal, published a report on discovery.

There are 2.43 crore Alzheimer’s patients worldwide. There are about 46 lakhs of people getting sick every year. By 2025, the number of people with Alzheimer’s disease will rise to 3.4 billion.

Those who missed memories are a dependence home
September 21 World Alzheimer’s Day

At the time of the Prime Minister of Indira Gandhi was an ISS player belonging to their security guards Bali, a native of Ghaziabad. The end of the boy’s boycott by the agonies and expressions of aggression showed the end of a boy in Kozhikode. The mercy center waited for him in the last days of his disappearance.
It is Malabar Harmony Hoorn, one of the few in the country in the country, who has been suffering from the immense diabetes of Alzheimer’s disease and serves their lives till his death. The Harmony Home is the home of many people who can not remember their own name and address, including the pre-served food.

The Malabar Harmony home has already reached number four in the Kuruval Lane near Kozhikode high road. The facility is being run by Alchemisdis Diseus International (ADI), an organization based in the city of Cambridge, which offers facilities for showing off the condition of the infected person to distant relatives.

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