How Much of an Iron Supplement Dosage

The cause of fatigue is the lack of nutrition in the body. The body needs vitamins and minerals in combination with energy and protein.

Ironic is the cause of fatigue, the lack of anorexia or lack of iron. Adolescence is a time when there is a new connection between the neurons.

The memory is formed through such connections. Iron must be available for the operation of chemical messenger chemicals.

The cause of the intellectual backwardness is a lack of adolescent iron. Include foods that are rich in iron. Iron sources are:

leafy vegetables, marsling, eggplant, fruits, sesame seeds, honey, dates, carrots, cereals, rice bran, beans, soybeans, fish, meat and egg yolk.

When the tea or coffee drinks at breakfast, it is difficult to dump your three-quarters of food. If you eat fruits along with your diet, the vitamin C iron content is increased.

If you do not get enough iron, you will have a reduced anemia in blood levels of hemoglobin. In studies conducted in

Kerala, about 60 per cent of men and women have found that 20 per cent of boys have anemia. Anemia is only silently reflected in the first phase, and can not be detected.

The interest in study is reduced. Learning to retrieve the class, read the lessons and not remember it properly is a lesson in the study.

This is because the brain requires less energy. Afterwards, kaikal is a form of fatigue, fatigue, excessive absorption and irritation.

Symptoms of bleeding, heart failure, dizziness, loss of appetite, nausea and oxygen can occur if you do not get the iron properly. One of the reasons for teenage behavior, such as anger and adolescence, is anemic.

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