Let’s practice these Yogas

The students add a short-term training program here. Breathing operation Move your legs a little bit. Send the body

and breathe your hands. Lower your breath from your breath. Move down the right hand side to the left and the left hand side to the right.

As is the case. 10 times to train. Benefit: The body receives good flexibility. Coronary blood flow to all parts of the body.

Avoid breathing problems. Wake up and get refreshed. Thadasana Put your hands off the pedal over your head at a distance.

Take the breath and put your left hand over to raise your hands. Put your breath off your head immediately. It can also be raised in the toes.

You should do this five times. Benefit: The backbone and the muscles are good for digging and contraction. Blood flow is available everywhere in the right way.

Keep your legs well. Keep your hands in breath and put it in parallel to the hand for shielders. Lower down the right hand by lowering the breath and lowering the upper left side.

Develop the chest well. Take your breath and stay upright in your first state. Train the same to the left. Two or three times.

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