Yoga Poses for Beginners

Keep your feet stretched. Raise your hands up to your breath. Can be increased either in front or by either side.

Drip the mouth and put the hands on the floor on both sides of the feet. Put the forehead on the knees.

Raise your arms and head with breathing Reach the first condition by breathing. Three times.

Advantage: Better spinal cord is available to the tooth and backbone. The head of the head gets proper blood flow. Concentration and memory.

Slipping away. The function of the groves is balanced. The mind is calm. Those with severe back pain and strong migraine should be trained in the right direction.

The beryl
Stay tuned. Place the fingers headed down the left thigh with the help of the right hand. Raise your hands up to the top. Just put your hands on the chest.

Sun Prayers: – 12 conditions.
1. Situation (blossoming): – Put your hands off your chest on top. Normal breathing.

2. HASTING: – Raise your hands up and take the head to the head as far as possible.

3. The footsteps: – Lower your hands and heads forward, hold hands on the floor with your hands on your feet. Put the forehead on the knees without turning the knees off.

4. Ridiculars: – From the third to the right, stretch back into the back and pierce your toes and bend your feet to the ground. The left shoulder should touch the chest. Lower the hip. Look up. Take long breath.

5Mountain climbs: – From left to right, raise your left and right. Hand and bones must lie on the floor. Leave the breath.

6Ashtanga Ghat: Ashtanga praying is because the eight limbs of the feet, hands, knees, and chest on the floor are placed on the floor. No breath is required.

7. Embroidery: – Raise from the sixth position to the top and look up. The backbone should be perfect. Take long breath.

8. Mountain: – Lift the limb from the seventh position.

9. The laxative is the fourth state. Going from the eighth position, stretch forward and fall between the hands. Straighten the knees to the ground.

10. Footnote: – The third is that. From the ninth level, lift the waist and hit the forehead to the knees.

11. Enthusiasm: – The second condition. Lift up your hands and raise your back to the tenth.

12. Situation (Prayer): – Status of the beginning. Come from the 11th position and keep your hands over.
You can train 6 times 12 times.

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