Reasons why dancing is good for your health

Sreejith from Dance Dance Studio, Kadavanthra, is saying that the dance is not only physically and mentally.

There is a lot of singing for the dance. You should be able to enjoy it. It’s not just for scientific dance. Being Joyful is important in dancing.

Taste is a great exercise than the dance. Sreejith says that it is not good to see dance as fitness alone. Sreejith’s

Dance Studios is equipped with Kandhampore, Bollywood, Hiphop and Free Style. There is no age for dance studies.

But most of those who come to the cinema are danced with dancing. Calorie intake … just promise

The majority of the dancing students after the age of a year ask how much calorie is the question. Tell us about the calorie passing of Pampa Kambara Kumbha in Kangarapadi Amay studio.

Class is an hour in Sumumba. When you spend so much time dancing, it’s about 600 to 800 calories. No age at all

Age in Sumumba is not a problem. Steps in this style are suitable for different age groups. The aged 17-year-old does not have any agility.

Cumbu can also help to reduce body weight and make mobility. Considering health problems and physical condition, training the elderly accordingly.

Cuubah is the best way to do the cutters. Cuba will help not only to reduce the wood but to keep the body fit. Fat in all parts of the body will decrease.

It will refresh your body and mind. There is no better way to reduce depression and stress. 45 minutes to up to an hour can be placed as a dance.

Each one of the health and physiology of each person is suggested by the time of exercise.

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