Surprising Health Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic  is a plant for cooking and medicinal purposes. Its stem is a useful part. Garlic is used to increase the flavor and taste in cooking.

The official name of this plant is known as ” garlic ”, ‘valley’ and ‘white’. It’s a family of lilizaceae

The Vattavada village near the Garlic farming Maritime in Kerala Garlic is grown in the States of India, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka and

Tamil Nadu The bronze is usually taller to a height of 50-60 cm. Flowers extra-serrate, glabrous. Inflorescence grows up to the tip of the thigh.

There will be flowers in white in color. Garlic is generally found in balanced shape, but is not small enough to be covered with thin sacks.

Garlic is a form of medicine for the cough, eye pain, stomach pain and abdominal pain. Additionally, the garlic

crunch on the gas trap is effective in eating the whole night. Garlic, dye and dill can be added to the table as a bowl that can be used to heat the gastrointestinal tract.

Garlic is added to salt water by adding saline water and heated three drops of warm water to the ears and healing of the ear.

The garlic made consistently is considered to reduce blood sugar. Garlic is specially considered for cardiovascular diseases.

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