Have a spicy curry

Malayalees are important to Eric. All of our own resources will be very zealous and leaven. The green chilli can not be removed from the kitchen garden.

Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K are rich in vitamins, potassium and copper. Green chill helps prevent immunity and helps to control and control diabetes.

Greenpeace has the power to resist prostate cancer. Pest attacks can easily damage the green chilies.

Growing of sprouting pellets can cause a sudden destruction of pests. Therefore, the immune deficit can be used for planting.

Green is the native place of black pepper. Main items Good peppers are Manjari, Ujvala, Bless, Jwalasakhi and Jwala Mukhi. Walking method

A seed area of ​​4-5 grams is required. In April, the seeds should be prepared in the sack or on the ground. One month old chilly seedlings can be transplanted in May.

When plowing the soil, plastering is good for avoiding bacterial infections. The preparation of budding should be mixed with mixed dried fruiting mulch and dry cow dung mixed with Trichoderma.

Seedlings are transplanted to 60 cm without rooting. Pluck the fish in the distance. Carefully cover the shade if it is most of the sun at planting.

For 15 days, the mulch of green leafy mixture, groundnut oil, poured on the bottom of the mixture helps to get a lot of green chillies.

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